There is no better way to celebrate a special occasion than a party. Friendship, Fun, Socialising, Making new friends and increasing your network while in a great party atmosphere. Intimate-connection offers a range of party package to suit every need when celebrating that special occasion. With links to a range of top Dj,s on our books along with top spec equipment, your celebration is guaranteed to be an enjoyable experience.

Take a look at our packages and services below and see how we can help with your special day…


All Dj party hire packages cover a continuos musical entertainment covering 4.5hrs. Any entertainment period outside these parameters will incur additional charges, unless by prior arrangements with the client in writing. Please see terms and conditions. Any special arrangements, or party packs will be arranged via appointments with the clients.

Teenage Parties Birthday Parties (13 -15 &17) £150.00
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Parties £200.00
Eighteenth Birthday Parties £200.00
Birthday Parties (19 – 20) £180.00
Twenty First Parties £250.00
Adult Birthday Parties (21 onwards) £200.00
Fiftieth Birthday Parties (small up to 100 guests) £270.00
Fiftieth Birthday Parties (Large up to 200 guests) £370.00
Christmas Parties (small up to 100 guests) £250.00
Christmas Parties (large up to 200 guests) £370.00
New Year Parties (small up to 100 guests) £250.00
New Year Parties (large up to 200 guests) £370.00
Retirement Parties £200.00
Funerals / Life Celebration (small up to 150 guests) £270.00
Funerals / Life Celebration ( Large up to 300 guests) £390.00

Corporate Events

School Disco £350.00
School Graduation / Prom £500.00
Launch Parties £350.00
Conferences £450.00
Seminars £250.00
Exhibitions £350.00
Award Ceremonies £400.00
Dinner / Dances £450.00
Works Parties £350.00
Leaving Parties £250.00
Retirement Parties £300.00
Christmas Parties (corporate) £600.00
New Year Parties (corporate) £600.00
Festivals one day £800.00
Festival Weekenders £1500.00