Our wedding packages offers our clients a variety of services to compliment that very special day. whether one of our entertainment packages. or one of our wedding packages. Our aim is simple. To provide the very best service possible on your special day.

Take a look at our packages and services below and see how we can help with your special day…

Wedding Services

All wedding Dj hire prices coves a 4.5hrs period of continuous musical entertainment. There will be an extra charge for entertainment beyond this time frame, Unless by prior arrangement. Please see terms and conditions.

Any special arrangement, Or party packs will be arranged via appointments with the clients.

Engagement Parties small (up to 150 guest) £250.00
Engagement Parties Large (up to 300 Guest) £450.00

Hen Parties, Small (up to 100 guest) £180.00
Hen Parties, Large ( up to 200 guest) £280.00

Stag Parties, (small up to 100 guest) £180.00
Stag Parties, (large up to 200 guest) £ 280.00

Wedding Reception (small up to 100 guest) £270.00
Wedding Reception (medium up to 250 guest) £380.00
Wedding Reception ( large up to 400 guest) £500.00
Wedding Reception ( x Large up to 600 guest) £780.00

Live Band Services

Live band prices cover Two 45 minutes Sets of musical entertainment. Performances beyond this time frame will require an additional charges unless by prior arrangement with the client…

Wedding Reception, ( small Venue) £500.00
wedding Reception, (large Venue) £780.00
Wedding reception (very large Venue) £1000.000

Wedding Packages

For that total wedding day experience why not select one of the Intimate-connection wedding packages (Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum). They come in a range of sizes and offer a range of services to aid that very special day. We offer these packages in conjunction with our special links and services within the industry. There is a package to suit the needs of every wedding.